We have known Chris and Tracey Cope for many years now, they are loyal, feeling and trustworthy people, no other words need to explain to you or anyone else who they are, put your trust in them and they will be your advocate.

—Karen Whitmore

Dear Sir/MadamI am writing this letter as a character reference for Mr Christopher Cope, whom I have known for 15 years. He is a very close friend of me and my family, therefore I have no problem providing this reference.Throughout the time that I have known Christopher, I have formed a very positive opinion of him. Christopher is kind and caring and has a good sense of humour. He is very determined to do well in his personal life and career. Christopher has entered many races with my husband and has been very committed to a training programme. This involved him having to manage his time and focus on a goal. Christopher provided support to my husband, demonstrating that he can work along side others for a positive outcome. Christopher is very reliable and is someone you can call on in your hour of need.Christopher is a very honest and trustworthy person. He is considerate of people's views and opinions. He can be very assertive and he manages stressful situations well. Christopher has strong family values and is very loving towards his wife and children. Christopher forms friendships easily and has excellent communication skills and has the ability to make people feel at ease.I feel that Christopher would be an asset to any company who would consider employing him.I would be happy to provide any further information that would help to support an application by Mr Christopher Cope.Yours sincerelySarah Myers

—Sarah Myers

To Whom It May Concern,Chris has worked with us for since May 2014, he has proved to be a valued member of our rescue group, giving 110% effort to everything he does. He is very quick at learning and puts things he has learnt into practice in a professional and caring way. He is very reliable and willing to help in any situation. Chris has become my right hand man and has stepped up to the position brilliantly, he can work as a good team member or on his own equally as well. He is very trustworthy and very easy to approach for anything he may be able to help with. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.Wendy Bartlam, Founder and Manager Hedgehog and Bird Rescue

—Wendy Bartlam, Founder and Manager of Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue.

Dear Sir/madamI have been asked by Mr Christopher Cope for a reference. I met Mr Cope when he joined Freelance Garage Ltd as a 17 year old young man. I worked along side him as a mentor for 18 years. I have watched him develop in confidence and ability in many aspects of mechanical work. He worked alongside me as a recovery operative. He was more than able to work from his own initiative. He always gave his all and was not afraid to ask for support when needed or in doubt.Mr Cope was able to share his knowledge with the less experienced members of the team and built positive relationships with all of his colleagues. He is a fun person to be around, and had a good sense of humour. He was always willing to help others and this would be after long hours at work. He is very reliable and trustworthy and has became a very close friend of me and my family.I have no doubt that Mr Cope would give his all to whatever job role he desires and would be a valuable member to any team/company.RegardsIan Myers

—Ian Myers

To Whom it Concerns,I have known Chris Cope and his family for 3 years. Our families have spent many occasions together including several weekends camping. Throughout all the time I have known Chris he has always been very friendly, helpful and enjoyed mixing with friends and their children. He is very capable and honest and whilst sometimes quiet, he always participates in activities and events as they happen.If you require any further details please feel free to contact me on the details above, or sincerely,Catriona Kerr BSc (Hons), MGPhC.

—Catriona Kerr