About Me

Hi my name is Chris, I have been a HGV mechanic for 20 years but lost the love for the job when I was made redundant from Freelance Garage, after working there for 17 years. I took this opportunity to have a change of career and to do something I love. I grew up around family pets and dogs from Dachshund to German shepherd. I am now an owner of two huskies, so dog walking and being out side is second nature to me.
My love for animals is not only pets but wildlife too. I wanted to put something back into the community so started doing voluntary work for Wendy who runs Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue. This is something I enjoy doing and have gained a lot of knowledge and met some great people along the way. I have helped a variety of birds from a Sparrow Hawk, Woodpecker to Pigeons. I now have a Hedgehog rehab shed and an aviary I use to help rehabilitate and release these animals back into the wild.


Pets and Wildlife Service (P.A.W.S) has been built from my two passions in life, we are committed to providing a professional and unique service to our customers.


Kiera and Bailey.